Important Information: Consultation by Appointment Only

Welcome to our practice, conveniently located in Aalst, just 1 km away from the highway. Getting to us is a breeze, whether you prefer private parking or street parking – we’ve got you covered!

Why a Consultation?

Prior to every treatment, we believe in the power of a consultation. Here's what you can expect during your initial visit:

  • Get to Know Me: I'm here to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. Let's discuss your goals and expectations openly.

  • Treatment Planning: If there are no contra-indications, we can schedule your treatment right then and there. Your comfort and confidence are our priorities.

The Treatment Process:

Assuming there are no contra-indications, your treatment journey unfolds like this:

  • Detailed Planning: After cleansing and disinfecting the area, I meticulously outline the treatment area with a makeup pencil. This step is crucial to give you a visual preview of the final result.

  • Color Selection: Together, we select the perfect color pigment for your treatment.

  • Pigmentation Process: The actual pigmentation work begins, adhering strictly to safety and hygiene protocols.

After-Care and Follow-Up:

After the procedure, I will provide you with detailed after-care instructions. Additionally, a touch-up session, which is included in the initial price, will be scheduled four weeks later to ensure your satisfaction.

Get in Touch:

Questions or ready to book your consultation? You can reach me directly on my mobile at +32 (0) 477 20 64 45, via email at, or simply fill out our contact form.

International Clients:

For our clients travelling from abroad, there are convenient nearby hotel accommodations available. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance with your stay.

Looking forward to meeting you and embarking on this beauty journey together!