Microblading: the new eyebrows

Microblading in the eyebrows, the eyebrow hairsimulation
I draw very fine hairstrokes in the eyebrows: microblading is a simulation of hair. Hair that looks beautiful, soft and natural ! The hairtechnique is fine, each hair will be drawed and pigmented into the skin.

To realize the fine hairstroke I use a manual pen with steril needles and a high quality pigment.

Microblading is indicated for:

  • local or complete hair loss: alopecia
  • irregular or thin hair of the eyebrows
  • for symmetry in asymmetric eyebrows
  • for covering your scar in your eyebrow(s)
  • too much or badly plucked eyebrows and have almost no more
  • a correction of a poorly placed permanent make-up